Company Overview

  • We are an authorized Bettis Valve Automation Center and EIM Gold Seal Service Center. We carry inventory of all actuators, controllers, service kits and accessories.
  • Every package we ship is completely tested, adjusted, calibrated (fine tuned), electrically or pneumatically assuring positive and full performance.
  • We take “unit responsibility” in the guarantee of assembly and workmanship on all shipped units.
  • Our facilities include full machine capabilities, test pressure through 4,000 psig, overhead lifting capability to 1 tons and an in-house oxygen cleaning facility.
  • All valve packages are provided with complete traceability of component parts.
  • Our mounting brackets are heavy duty, treated with high density acrylic enamel finish with cadmium plated grade 5 bolting. SS hardware is also available.
  • All fasteners and stem adapter bushings are installed using “anti seize” lubrication to provide longer life and ease in maintenance.
  • On-site or in-house retro fits available.
  • On-site or in-house training available.

The Nibsco Story

With over 50 year’s experience in selecting, sizing and building automatic valves, our staff supplies solutions to many different kinds of automatic valve applications.

Oil & Gas

Nibsco products are used on applications throughout virtually all upstream and downstream activities ranging from offshore production facilities through refining and processing to transportation of finished products via pipelines, vessels and compressor stations.

Water & Waste Water

Water treatment and distribution offers significant opportunities for Nibsco. With climate change affecting the availability of water in many areas of the world, there is an increasing need for processes which will maximize existing resources such as desalination plants and water re-use projects.

Compressor Station

Nibsco is deeply involved with compressor station in the transportation process of natural gas from one location to another.  The compressor station or “pumping station” compresses the natural gas thereby providing energy to move the gas through the pipeline.